Steve Cavill, Executive Consultant Celebrates 5 Years with Winlight Recruitment.

Steve who joined Winlight Recruitment in 2017 celebrates his 5-year anniversary whilst also being one of the top performers within the Qualified Social Work Division.

Steve Cavill joined the Qualified Social Work team back in 2017, bringing a wealth of over 16 years’ experience within the sector, contributing towards his successful career which has had a solid impact within the division.

Steve Cavill, Executive Consultant –

“Five years anywhere is a big part of your life, especially when those 5 years include one new son, one house move to a new county and a pandemic. The saying that ‘change is the only constant’ is true of my time at Winlight”

He has cultivated a unique recruitment style, which has received commendable feedback from Clients and Candidates, whilst working remotely. Alongside this, during 2022 Steve has also demonstrated his versatility in becoming a top performer across the business. This demonstrates Winlight Recruitment’s ethos of enabling individuals to have the freedom and opportunity to work around their lifestyle choices, by offering a flexible working environment to support top performers achieve a work life balance.

Steve Cavill, Executive Consultant –

“I started off life at Winlight as a manager in the social work division and it was a pleasure managing and working with the team. Along the way my wife and I made a big decision to move a young family to the coast for a different life and Winlight were really great in supporting me and helping me back into a consultant role.”

Steve has made an impression over the course of the last five years with his determination and ability to adapt. As 2022 approaches an end, Winlight Recruitment are excited to celebrates his future accomplishments and milestones together and see what 2023 has in store.

Steve Cavill, Executive Consultant –

“There is a lot of friendship at the core of being at Winlight and joining the company has definitely been a decision I got right.”

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