Kaz Rajani, Head of Social Care and Housing celebrates 5 Years with Winlight Recruitment.

Kaz celebrates 5 years with Winlight Recruitment.

Kaz Rajani joined the Social Care and Housing team back in 2018 as a Senior Consultant with a clear goal to become Head of the Division. With his motivation and ability to inspire those around him it is no surprise that he has achieved this.

With a unique talent for motivating those around him, not only in his direct team but also the wider company, Kaz has spent the last 5 years at Winlight Recruitment going from one of the top performers to using his knowledge of recruitment to help shape the new consultants to perform at their best. Working closely with the CEO, it is this skill that helped develop Kaz from Senior Consultant to Head of Division.

Principal Consultant, Jessica Brooks:
“I have worked with Kaz for the last four years – and I would not be where I am without him. He is so supportive of his team and always has time for us inside and outside of work.”

Kaz’s journey over the last 5 years has been filled with success not only for himself but for his team. Winlight Recruitment are excited to celebrates his future accomplishments and milestones together.

CEO, Vijay Chandarana:

“Kaz’s positive energy is infectious to those around him, keeping not only himself motivated but the rest of the Winlight team. I have worked closely with him in his journey from Senior Consultant to the Head of Social Care and Housing, which was made possible by his motivation to keep improving.”

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