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If you have decided to pursue a career in Recruitment, you may not know where to begin. For starters, there is no degree in recruiting. To embark on this satisfying and rewarding career, you must learn how to become a recruiter.

Many recruiters come from all walks of life with varying educational backgrounds and job experiences. You may not follow the same how to be a recruiter steps as a fellow recruiter.

There are 8 key elements anyone needs to have to be successful in Recruitment if you have these 8 skills and ability your future career could be in Recruitment?

RESILIENCE – Are you able to keep going even when things feel tough?

CONFIDENCE – Do you walk and talk with confidence in all areas of life?

ASSERTIVE – Do you get things done and find solutions to problems?

DRIVE – Are you a high achiever? With the self-motivation to achieve goals.

HARD WORKING – Are you prepared to put in the work and the hours to be successful?

EMPATHIC – Do you find it easy to understand how other people feel?

RAPPORT- Do you find it easy to get to know new people? Are you likeable and sociable?

COACHABLE – Do you take on board feedback in a positive way? Are you open to new ideas and continuous improvement?

Is Recruitment something you want to know/understand better? If so, this could be the perfect article for you to read.

Here is something that all successful recruiters know: Recruiting is a lot like matchmaking. You must pair the person with the position in a way that makes both your client and your candidate happy. Otherwise, you are not getting the job done.

This means you are basically making two sales at the same time. To pull that off, you need equal parts intelligence and emotional intelligence. That is why an outgoing sociable person with a skill for making compelling arguments will find themselves innately prepared for this role.

This is a role that has variety which includes anything from meeting with candidates and following up on references to strategizing with your team and extending offers. But also, at the same time, you have got more positions to fill. If you are someone who looks at a mountain of tasks and thinks, “I’ve got time for that and maybe a couple of other things, too,” chances are you would thrive as a recruiter.

But when it comes to recruiting, you need to lead people. That means helping people put forward the best version of themselves and their skill sets and matching them to positions that you are tasked with filling……. then trying do that again and again and again.

That is when the whole leadership thing comes into play. Gifted leaders are inherently more capable of driving people toward a common goal.

Think of it this way. If your candidate or your client cannot get behind your plan, then you’re not effectively doing your job. But if you are someone people turn to for advice, then you’re probably the kind of person they would trust to get them the right job.

What is the most rewarding part about recruiting beyond the satisfaction of helping people better their lives and advance their careers?

Recruiters are incentivised based on job performance. That means the more successful you are, the more money you can make and the further you can grow in your career.

If this kind of success lights a fire under you, then you are sure to be excited by a competitive recruiting career.

The range of successful recruiters includes people with a lot of different educational backgrounds

So, if you are an entrepreneurial, charismatic leader, there is a great chance that you can find your place in recruiting.

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